Chipodromo Logo design for Chipodromo
Chipodromo Letterhead and business card for Chipodromo
Chipodromo Website design for Chipodromo
Chipodromo Car Design for Chipodromo
Chipodromo Christmas Direct Mailing for Chipodromo


Chipodromo is my husband’s company. It’s about chiptuning and car electronic repairs and he started it when we moved to Spain more than 10 years ago. First we needed to find a name that works in spanish and is asociated with cars, speed and electronics. I wanted to create a dynamic logo that sugests power and speed by using elements that are associated with cars. When one of us named Chipodromo everything came together: the horse kicking back as opposed to the usual images of horses rising up, the badge, the checkers and the connected lettering. I am still really pleased with the result.

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